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15585, Okay
Posted by Uh-Oh, Sat Apr-02-05 08:13 PM
Say what are you
Not what you wanted to be
Cause Wannabes get done up so easily
Actually more like toaster ovens
They buzzing
But ain't no real sounds when the niggas come around
So how that sound?
When parading around
With little boys and girls got you saying
You can be a thug like me now
Standing tall is the hunchback clause
Cause these rappers talking Maybach and Lean Back
Learn the facts before you go running off and get
Italian clothes
The Godfather didn't give a fuck about you
Still claiming Mosiofoso
No soul though
Snitching to the feds
Did I also mention you give head
No knowledge in your brain
Running around here on white horses
Sporting chains
Is the numbers
Why hold them down
When to them we just clowns
We don't lounge
In the trees
Looking for weeds we could uproot
Of course I'm the truth
Cause I'm heading to Africa
And thats real