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Topic subjecthuu! (hand up)
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15583, huu! (hand up)
Posted by Ezzsential, Thu Mar-31-05 09:36 PM
yo i had to be the only fem to come in & rep this
shakin harder than the ass of an epileptic-
sista-ya shits sinister, conducting whimpers
i peel kinder kicks quick-
kiddie flippers and schick out the mini-scapel,
flossin'-razor unda my tongue-peel additional jargon backwards
in the back woods
expose the garters an panty hose
responses lactating lactose
lackin proper structure and flow
catch this note
this shits subtle!
i juggle emcees rockin baby bottles with my tonsils
now huddle!
in a nutshell
i head lock and give "noogies"
to pin-head muttle
droolin' puddles
of dribble
my response is part-aggrevated by these carbon-copied scribbles!

-lol I write battle verses to Mariah Carey songs...

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