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15579, KIM
Posted by flashiusclay, Wed Mar-30-05 05:42 PM

Still, my crew has the power to topple government
and oust world leaders.

I had the brown pearl adidas since a round curled fetus
Martian cat take birds around the world to venus.
Found the girls weakness, she love it when he treat her like shit
He call her pet names like ho, and sweet freak white bitch.
Teased the tight slit, she like "you made me wet!"
He said, "Baby Ima vet. You didn't pay me yet.
You freak crazy b-yetch, you knows I dont chippy.
My game is too tight for me to slip just cuz some ho's frisky."
She handed him a huge roll of crispy dough swiftly.
Said, "Daddy you could hit me, just dont say you won't dick me!"
He grabbed ahold of both tiddies rather roughly
Slid it in, all she could say was "fuck me, Daddy fuck me!"
He slapped the fatty puffy, her cakes was covered in red marks
She barked on the bed til she barfed up a dead shark.
When the deed was done, he said, "beat it hon I need to run."
Bitches dont get a measly piece, not even one crumb