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Topic subjectIt's been a long time...
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15578, It's been a long time...
Posted by SNAFU, Wed Mar-30-05 04:18 PM
I shouldn't have left you...
Without some shit to break ya neck to.
And I don't mean to disrespect you,
It's just natural to pull an ace and wreck you.
The pace is set dood
but emcees fail at their profession.
Your face gets wet too
whenever I spit in your direction.
You athsmatic rappers can't keep up,
Snafu is stunnin'.
You fools have it backwards, just shut up
my mouth is running.
Fuck a microphone and speakers,
my voice is too low for your tweeters
and if you piss me off,
I'll hunt you down like Jeepers Creepers.
But I'm a minimalist emcee -
I'll rock a show in just my sneakers.
Still, my crew has the power to topple government
and oust world leaders.