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Topic subjectShakeet the Beast Part II
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15577, Shakeet the Beast Part II
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Wed Mar-30-05 10:01 AM
The Real - Uncut diamond in the rough
I'm at my best under pressure/I'm pure carbon untouched
Only the sun in the heavens could better Shakeet shinin
Blindin phony emcees showin off their conflict diamonds
Jaded rappers hidin behind catchy melodies
As my naked stanzas commit Class A felonies
Agrravated assault on the lies of commercialism
While I focus my mind's eye on the truth's fertile prism
So concerned with their persona and their Billboard postion
Instead of uplifting the youth and concetrating on Gainining One's Definiton
It's Common Sense that we put these actors on high alert
Stop buyin their records and keep them watin on royalty checks like Kool Herc