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Topic subjectRE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
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15574, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by HueyNewton, Tue Mar-29-05 07:41 PM
it's a classic bastards, i said negro please, wanna compare
my steez, rap clones like fleas, rhymes only please!!!
i won't stop, can't stop, my technique like digital roam
poetry from the street'z very own, got primo on da mic'phone
very fine left all alone, got stock in nina simone!!!
oh my god, should i leave the throne?
befo this shit gets sticky, need to know huey is picky!!
fuck dat nigga 50, he looks a lil trippy
now get up off me, cuz niggaz i'm simply
my reputation is like christ's last temptation
no visual separation, i prefer studio participation!!
whoa . . here i go . .
rep this ink in my skin, free-spirit to the end!!
eccentric cat i don't fit in, but my diction just blends in
heard 'em on da radio, dissin chicks wit photos
of this nigga huey-to-the-newton, still improvin
wit every cypher i'm just soothin, now you blakk & brusin
it's round 3 you fulla contusions and dawg you losin . .?
this classic spit still improvin' . .