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Topic subjectThey after Flash's titles
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15573, They after Flash's titles
Posted by flashiusclay, Tue Mar-29-05 04:51 PM
When he come after you theyll hafta hide you
I follow the unwritten mackin bible that was vital
Run a faster mile eleven hundred twenty feet per second
Money, I keep gettin, study one hundred twenty degree lessons
They really need directions, he taught hisself the rules
Like she pays before you fuck, never take help from fools.
They felt abused, and were powerless to stop him
Deathly afraid still theyd crowd around gawkin
With their hands shadin theyre eyebrows to watch him
They jock him from Oaktown to Motown to Gotham
No sound when I'm talkin, or I'll bounce without rockin
I better hear this pin on the ground droppin
The pin dropped and the echo was deafening
So he proceeded to get busy for the ghetto brethren