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Topic subjectOn and On
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15571, On and On
Posted by Uh-Oh, Mon Mar-28-05 03:31 AM
I don't live that far away from Vicksburg
Where my man got killed
Thats make me close to death
Like I raqi soliders
Welcome to Oakland, Cali
Where niggas saddle up
In their cars like stars
Looking for that white horse
Getting hyfee of course
But the force think we the problem
The don't care when a little kids get taken out of their forces
This is dark side
Crack Wars '86
A magical journey
Through margainalization
And realization at 8
That cops to get me
Fit me into boxes like Harry Potter
We want to soverignty
From this poverty
Probably giving us money will be a solution
That will problem when you diluting
The cash cows
For all the milk
Now she wasted
Looking for stars
Babies she don't care
How she fared
Is thought
Fought out the mind so easily
Like a pimp to a brezzy
America is the big easy
Never greasing their hands
Unless for oil
Our soil is polluted
Our soul are folded
Watching the play the games
Hoping for a way back in
Without sarificing
The ramifacations got us
Sucking for air
But she making dough for sucking duck
So who cares
The owl are out
Playing alongside Jadakiss song
How is nowhere to be seen
But I wish this a dream
Cause I want to live in a nightmare no more

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