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15567, check it
Posted by jayare214, Thu Mar-24-05 08:29 PM
lets go rip a flow with the best or the worst
the first burst pushes through you inner ears like a spear
this verse guided by god ya mellon swellin to nod
and ya face sweatin shakin gettin tense tryin to rob
your soul of the chance to move into the rapture
after the hook i got ya trpped just like a raptor
pack fence you in with the beats flow and rhymes
and impison perpetrators like r kelly doin time
rebirth the slang for haters so i can lace it my rhyme
and im fresh like de la souls pot holes in 89
cant fuck with mine! im too involved with this love
hiphop been my bitch since before my spits sucked
when my beats was fruity loops or beatboxed for props
before any rappers had gotten shot! Im old school
my souls due to communicate with the nation
divine energy imbibed commercial presentation.