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Topic subjectOne Shot Deal
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15561, One Shot Deal
Posted by blaksilence, Thu Mar-31-05 09:36 PM
>No need to fight, I got the Kung Fu team of dykes
>..I hope you dont sound as weak as you write

70 dudes..all spewin that shit fa ya
all of a sudden..i'm talkin to you in particular?
Gawd..clutch it..ya movement's vehicular
slippin..ya transmission's hissin losin it's grip on
'the wrong way' path..G'one play lad.. cuz you on with a don on his way to 'Songs Pay Ave'
it's been a long day lad..in a strong way lad..then i log on to find ya lil 'Stron-Jay' ass
showin ya pussy..whoa cookie..i'm so into pussy.but only the pussy that's golden and gushy
u swollen..wit odors, rodents and omens in pussy..

blah..i'm busy.