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Posted by flashiusclay, Thu Mar-31-05 01:35 PM
>>>>I'm salutin hip-hop by breakin ya damn back

I'm shootin big shots and takin ya fans cat,
You can't git a beat, it'd be wastin the damn track.
I plants money trees and rake in the damn scratch
You asked for it, here, a taste of the hand, -SLAP!!!!!-
Grand slam smack, stupid sweet chin music
I'll beat em toofless, leave em bleedin with bruises
Let him marinate on the freezin street in his juices
Truest in the leauge, gorilla Street Pimp Ruthless.
Never need excuses, like wack beats, I dont make em
On the microphone 'm sayin, it's like the chrome sprayin
Cocaine binge snow flakin dope lacin
All his foes hate him just cuz all his hos pay him
Flows the vocation fire toungue hired gun
Retire dum filthy rich an then buy a slum
It's in his blood supply, the way they wired son
Face it kid, I'm the man that you strive to become
I'm tired of crumbs who believe that theyre tight
Watch em wilt in the heat of the strategic strikes
No need to fight, I got the Kung Fu team of dykes
..I hope you dont sound as weak as you write


With all due respect fam. Step your game up before you come at Flash with them weak shits. HOLLA!!