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Topic subjectLake besides? A lame try. You aint fly...
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15558, Lake besides? A lame try. You aint fly...
Posted by flashiusclay, Wed Mar-30-05 01:56 PM
I'll take this guy, and blaze him without breakin stride
Carve my name in his hide without explainin why.
Leave em all disgraced and dyin from the shame inside.
With achin pride tryin to find a way to survive.
Ay-day I strive to deny the inner hooligan
I try to stay away, but the sinners pull me in
It hurts my heart when I hafta be cruel to his kin
Take him away and make him pay for his foolish whims.
That's the way the bullet spins when the hammer strikes
Phantom of the mic leave you holey like the hands of Christ.
I raise both hands and fight get up and stand for my rights
Here's some free advice, DONT GAMBLE WITH YOUR LIFE...
I cant stand your wife, tell her come git her things
Tell her bring Daddy's dough or git punched with the rings
Dont front on a KING...