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Topic subjectIron ore curtain crush
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15556, Iron ore curtain crush
Posted by flashiusclay, Tue Mar-29-05 02:53 PM
>I hurt ya confidence like I make auto payments

Auto payments?
That was not so blazin...
I assert my dominance with a hot flow and cadence
Ya team stopped prayin when the snot hollows sprayed him
Told him stop playin, told him not to follow Satan..
But he was all for hatin, wanted to be a devil
7th degree perfection flow, you could never see the level
Believe it's incredible, on the streets of the ghetto
I spit shit that punch holes through thick sheets of metal
Call it swiss cheese special, a low carb option
Shank em by the weights with the whole yard watchin
Carve em like roast beef hole in his heart coughin
Why you wanna start it up, it's so hard to stop him
I chain foes in dark coffins while there still alive
And leave em there til they die, like Bill did the Bride
Which is where it ends, you aint got the skills to survive
Flash a killer inside, drug dealer on the side
Vilified despised, full time man of leisure
I do a dime the same way as a damn skeezer
You cant keep her, while I backhand and beat her
She keep comin back, she think her man needs her
(you say) "Flash! I cant see ya!" Precisely my point son
My team treats these battles like we enjoy em
In spite of that these toys is slightly annoyin
B Boyin, turn out yall wifeys and boink em

edit- HOLLA!!!