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Topic subjectMore work for ya
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15555, More work for ya
Posted by Whateva, Tue Mar-29-05 12:45 AM

>Cold robbery they had to admit it was so ballsy

Cold robbin is redundant if the deed is costly
Projectin a fake image is showing off falsely
You test and get dat red X on ya chest
Cursor to ya name get deleted from the best
I battle you in distress on days I'm depressed
In different timezones nigga East to West
Never hated on opposition I learned from
Was hated more than a hood skank after she burnt em
they changed like women after out the pimp turned em
converted back once they heard me flow from the sternum
The hipocrasy of knockin me who you could not be
oodles of what you do do don't do shit for me
you big lipped me wit big talk and loud statements
then ended up lumped and makin love to the pavement
I call you bookmark cause you my favorite
I hurt ya confidence like I make auto payments