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Topic subjectSmell the 8ths in the stash
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15554, Smell the 8ths in the stash
Posted by flashiusclay, Mon Mar-28-05 08:44 PM
Say hey, it's the flash
Flippin game on that ass
Spittin flames from the face gash
The kid is Rick James brash
Witta solid golden coke spoon
Offend the whole room and go,
"Oh, you goin so soon?"
Vagina lip guys, yall flow is so poon
Why ya tryna ride his dick, you know it's no room!
Sew up my own wounds so they cant sprinkle salt
They wont even say it let alone think the thought
Bring the god a single malt, bitch use a clean glass
Bring it fast, I know you want the new green cash
King calculate the numbas use supreme math
My team graduated from the blue and cream class
Ghost wallabees routines last if the show quality
You know the policy, yo so follow the lead
pass the jewels, dough, cell phones and wallets to me
In the middle of broad day for all to see
Cold robbery they had to admit it was so ballsy