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Topic subjectI'm thinking dog.
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15552, I'm thinking dog.
Posted by Whateva, Fri Mar-25-05 11:31 PM

>patient wit militant situations...

Until the boss get crossed by false denominations
get tossed across halls following exonerations
Understand that we kinetic you feel me when you get it
get them handicaps spaces cause ya flow is prosthetic
fake like plastic fruits or velvet versace suits
strong dollars, staying power, or laser print loot.
can't dispute I chipped ya rep like my right front tooth
Couldn't be more down if I was Triple Fat Goose
A plethora of threateners and overhyped competitors
music video editors, examine as I test ya
Ugly like Aunt Esther or stripes and checkers
Was told "it's medical" so I sedated the hecklers
tested but never challenged I'm engrossed with my talents
Observe your life in scale as it hangs in the balance
a prophet once shared nigga practice the art of silence
I tremble when I dare compare my life to God
So many easily defeated from the shattered pride
so many battered lives and battle and war cries
torn up notebooks and abandoned hood ties
The truth, a Beanie Sigel to ya scandalous lies
The panels could never handle this silly candle wit
They say a nine gets way more shine when you brandish it
In my face like a farsighted news reporter
I hold more wieght than a GM financial quarter
Expressin instant decadence and very little hesitance
artificial emcees is contaminants like pestilence
Bar raised I'll get praised like whoever kills the President
A travelin cypher circus for the ladies and gents
They know where the first is soon as the second went
Making labels take notice with these powerful dents
fresh definite underrated never faded Prince
that rock events from Kingston to Queens and since
I was 30 inches high or highly sensing surroundings
dawg barking loudly but can't defend the poundings
when I pounce, no pounds,just blood in fluid ounces
No sense in the sequential cause my wins is countless
touted in other countries like Peace or Russian weapons
I'll be in more stereos than listening settings
They'll be no AI's when I come into question
Like Bush V Kerry, the nation's death procession,
I'm the blood, Skull and Bones of this fuckin profession.