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Topic subjectwhats good duns.
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15549, whats good duns.
Posted by Aeon, Thu Mar-24-05 02:02 AM
poppa Ae,he,
never left you
i be lurkin-
plottin n' schemin, interpolatin text too...
shts like this give me the urge to splurge, as the rest do,
off the recollection, i see im possi-b-bly
the best to
do this,
im a tough talkin nigga with a disposition,
similar to dem cats on kamikaze missions,
but im gunnin to the terra with my 20/20 vision steady
stayin with the heat like a pocket fulla kitchens
ask your babygirl, she say she love the way the bo'l spit
preach his politics without ever takin the pulpit
how you look now- crosseyed
takin a full clip
to the dome, like you tryna learn bout gat-spit by osmosis..?
...im just kidd'n,
only give it to the masses in small doses,
but really, if death had next of kin they say the kid's the closest...

///lemme leave y'all 'lone before i get in the mood. folks lighting candles and putting on soft music for a nigga///