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Topic subjectRE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
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15548, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by hdub, Thu Mar-24-05 01:02 AM
up late on laptops im making posts
with j's to the brain making cells into toast
other rhymers try but don't even come close
now they know dubs the keystyler with the most
but enough boast now its time for me kick it
if all you got is props in rhymes theres no sickness
people blow they own spots but its shit kid
im not on my own jock i know i just spit this
if you think my shit is hot im glad you with this
but if you do not, im cool i dont need witness
im staying proud of everything ive acheived
dont got rims or cribs, but got everything i need
im chill with just having bare necessities
not sweating lifestyles of mainstream mc's