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Topic subjectSpeak in a rich tenor
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15547, Speak in a rich tenor
Posted by flashiusclay, Thu Mar-24-05 04:42 PM
He's a big spender
But only if it's really on and she's a thick tender
My hunka chunka burnin love
All you heard was Unga bunga then you heard the thud
He dragged her back to the cave
With a fistful of wig as he cackled crazed
Shackled inna cage, she awoke with a splash
Seenta Sasquatch look alike smokin hash
He said, "I'm known as Flash, but my hos call me Daddy,
Hon I loves ya soft buns and your all beef patty.
I cant wait to taste the special sauce
My handsome face makes em wanna take they dresses off..."
She was helpless to his charms
Blood rushed to her head, her pelvis felt charged
He unchained her, she melted in his arms
She undid his belt and gave a yelp. It was hard.
Hella large. It made her give a gasp.
"Take it in the ass. What's my name?" (womans voice) "ITS THE FLASH!"