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Topic subjectthis is next level
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15546, this is next level
Posted by Whateva, Wed Mar-23-05 11:44 PM
"she aim'd to b.
>bub. and t, cuz from greece, some thug in D, who luv'd her
>piece and more than likely this lil 'fiesty' is a twin whose
>nicknames are Ug and Lee
>fukk it bee.."

The rhyme was intricate
next level sophistication
extra-verse merriment
otherworldly explanations
I come at you from a non-existent trajectory
eclectic when I battle the nice MC directory
She carefully involved
wit mysteries unsolved
Only time she got wet
from takin her clothes off
could tell with each stroke
she was catchin mad feelings
dawg tore up her walls
like termites and bad children.
not refusin I'm abusing the stomach ya hear
We bumpin til she cummin like she gettin the chair
no hunch I confidently follow wit brunch and
she clutches gaspin for air
yellin kickin and punchin
Eyes glazed over like she seen the great pumpkin
can't handle stiff stick and some project thumpin