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Topic subjectShakeet the Beast
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15541, Shakeet the Beast
Posted by Shakeet Lokh Em, Wed Mar-23-05 02:07 PM
I rock for the people, give them the truth that they want
Iím hittin homeruns, while yall stay poppin up bunts
Iíve been real as they come, and that ainít a front
Bunch of possums tryin to be a skunk, fakin the funk
Shakeet Lokh Em is a beast emcee
And since I emulate God, none of yall can see me
My rhythm is avant-garde like Thelonius Monk
I stay putting out that melodious funk
Keep jaded rappers on high alert
Hatin my guts but they stay lovin my work
Cerebral rap thatís well put together
Iím lyte as a rock, yall heavy as a feather
With yall empty rhymes, hollow and fake
You ainít never been to jail, and you ainít push no weight
Mother Goose gangstas, cupcake snatchas
Never been hard until yall tried to be rappers
Shakeet Lokh Em is a beast emcee
This is varsity rap, yall stuck in j.v.
Yall afraid to break the mold and break down barriers
So yall stay with the plain like an aircraft carrier
Iím ringin the bells like an ice cream truck
Givin the neighborhood what they want
Based on pure skill, Iím a lyrical monster
And anybody who want it with this harbinger poet will get slaughtered
Simple as that, I lay you flat on your back
Or flat on your stomach, like when your homies get jacked
Shakeet Lokh Em is a beast emcee
Cognizant orator of the truth I see