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Topic subjectA now let me tell me you something
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15540, A now let me tell me you something
Posted by Uh-Oh, Wed Mar-23-05 01:23 PM
Now let me tell you about the
Ladies that sexually known
I like big black girls
In case anybody like to know
How we flow on bed
Is like river and rhymes
We always stay on time
No C.P.T
Just L.U.S.T
Me and you
Going back forth
And something
I throw it up
Like an alley-oops
Just for sport
I ain't no joke
Cause when the mic smokes
And everybody crowding
You know I'm in town
Oakland to be exact
Crack Wars
And Lil Bobby Hutton used to be at
We react with the
Hyphy ways
Of course its crazy
In my days
Then and now
Presently known
To open up presents
Like Christmas
I give you___________
I'm guaranteed you won't miss it