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15539, a bullet
Posted by blaksilence, Tue Mar-22-05 09:54 PM
>It's a very short trip from point A to point B
>and now __________ will step up and teach a lesson for free.

lemme teach a lesson 'bout a shot from the dark
cupid's ruthless call the troopers
bout a shot to the heart
i'm nat'l lampoon..a buffoon w/a moby dick
and she shot at my shark
whale of an impale i'm frail
call the doc of the arc
he said
"bwoy..i'll tell ye bout the shits and the bees"
"do ye gott'ah fether belly and likwid in knees?
uh huh
"do yer face get sweaty when she lips jist breathe?"
uh huh
"well bwoy i'll tell ye..yer in shit ta ya knees"