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15538, RE: wide open
Posted by SNAFU, Tue Mar-22-05 11:46 AM
And in a word or two, I'll murder you
or force you into servitude.
Cus I'm the type of cat that likes
to roll my joint and burn it too.
Yeah, I'll have my cake and eat it
which means you're bound to get defeated
cus my words are powerful,
even the orthodox believe it.
I fire hot spit
out the full clip in my mind.
And I always talk shit
and tongue-twist when I rhyme.
You want to walk with
and run this shit how I grind.
But you don't rock shit
so I say now isn't your time.
But this crew, we connect
from the east to the west.
From the streets of DC
to the holes in your chest.
It's a very short trip from point A to point B
and now __________ will step up and teach a lesson for free.