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15537, RE: wide open
Posted by Whateva, Tue Mar-22-05 09:19 AM
>gottta be
>better than me- thatís u
Don't get it construed
or fuck up and miss your queue
named yall head wind cause ya crews we run through
dominatin muthafucka cause I'm challenged by few
deforestation is taking place
inside ya mindscape
some timber choppin managin
and ego, id damagin
mind desserted like where dem be havin famines in
I'm just a celestial
God of gettin the best of you
like a reboot hopefully this a refresh you
Ya rhymes less designed than a sneeze so god bless you
Look at me wannabe so you see how the best do
and running up to nothin
just to sum it up we cuttin
but when you
rush into
my mens, they do pursue
so better have the V8 and a place out of state
Cause we'll hunt you down like escaped inmates
definitely unconvertible
to the church of not servin you
I'm an obstacle like hurdles do
You's a beach like myrtle too
they won't and haven't heard of you
unless you shockin nerdy dudes
hand the mic______so he can get in a word or two.