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Topic subjectYou brought it yo.
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15533, You brought it yo.
Posted by Whateva, Mon Mar-21-05 09:09 PM
This is work right here:

"The philosophy is deep - you're always tempted by the devil,
operating everyday under a different terror level."

well done....

..But Of course I gotta continue
Last I heard Whateva spoke and blew up speakers at the venue
A vintage writer worker who capable of hurtin
breakin, raizing, tearing down, and closin curtains
impeccable wit I delicately spit
swallow MCs whole like pelicans gulp fish
Santa uncovered skills on ya christmas wish list
infiltrated ya brain and robbed you thoughtless
hit rewind you in a bind cause you never caught this
in Illadel it's hell an industrialized jail
it ain't hard to tell every crib is a cell,
some nights I breath in as evil beasts ascends
and pray that Angel Death don't posess my kin
I term it fortunate that I'm living to write
If this as far as I get mayne I'm reppin despite
and constantly writin verses that last like ancient curses
and linger in ya mind like lap dancing nurses
get in ya soul like ole Southern baptist churches.