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Topic subjectRE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
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15530, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by 2real, Sun Mar-20-05 07:50 PM
kinda disturbing
came as sperm in
fightin millions of my flesh
im churning out my self for 9 months
and now whats left
is a nigga with a spirit
that battles sin
you can hear it cry
in the skin im in
its squarin up tryna win
in the event
of my death
for some months after that
i'll be sleepin
but my soul will be churnin like the black
womb that i was caught in
set to fight another squadron
born to do it
born to die
born for infinity
remeber me
you can feel me in the sky
this cipher rollin deep
like the words off my finger
i'll let it linger for a second
but after that the next 'll wreck it