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Topic subjectRE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
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15529, RE: Open Mic Ciph - Rhymes Only
Posted by HueyNewton, Sun Mar-20-05 07:10 PM
thugz label record contracts, coffee real hot and black
creepin wit da gat in my lap, loss paper in a game of craps
so I called touch tone for back-up!!!
he said it's 'open mic rhymes only'
even the best of the best get lonely
shed tears for too many dead homies
all i see is rap-nigga clones, all i wanna do
is write and be left alone!!!
a poet-recluse wit' afro boy juice
missed a tourdate, what should i do??
da major run entertainer, huey newton
hall-of-famer, it's real i'm jus in-saner
gotta prescription for this diction
call me the dc sniper, yeah man i'm real hyper
shout outs to dem cats up in rykers!!!
word i'm jus blendin in with this rhyme cypher!!!