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Topic subjectearth and spiritualism
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15528, earth and spiritualism
Posted by crow, Sun Mar-20-05 12:18 AM
From the earth
The herb gives my mind birth
A feeling of evolution
Legalization is a revolution

The shroom
Visions of my eminent doom
Floating above the earth
Laughing out loud in myrth

I'm a live for the world and everything in it
No need to worry bout religion but I'm sinnin
Havn't been a Christin for years
And one of my lest fears
Is going to hell
Cuz for as much as I can tell
These people are lying
And all I see is spiritualism dying
I have no problem with anyones belief
But give me at least a little relif
And follow through
With what you do
Whats the point of religion
If your life and spirit are in division
Commiting atrocities annd
Living your life through hypocricy
Though shall not steal
Man come on be real
Follow the commandments
Now i'm not trying to start a war
But before
Not trying to hate
Just trying to debate
Through rhythm and rhyme
And show you whats on my mind