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Topic subjectFrom my mind
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15526, From my mind
Posted by crow, Wed Mar-16-05 03:38 PM
Chico from Venezuela Maracy
Never one to want to die
Even though I got crazy thoughts
I always looked at my experiences and what they taught
Started freestyling in hard times
Stared finding realse in poetry and rhymes
But how could
A mic spic not from the hood
Make it in a realm
Where gangstas were at the helm
Though I saw hiphop for what it was
I saw the poetry with rhymes and what it does
But i try to perserve
And you can try to stick it in my rear
But nobodys gonna fuck me
Cuz nobdoy can touch me
Man I don't have ne special plan
Just a wish to drink beers in the sand
One time with my brothers
Wanna party and get yelled at by our mothers
I don't want much from life
Sept to ignite
My spirit with light
So I keep my life real and tight