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Topic subjectThe Game
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15525, The Game
Posted by Whateva, Wed Mar-16-05 02:47 AM
Not jumpin a bandwagon and skippin the odyssey
Was told I was prodigy and practically God
I dissected mysteries from Rome to Riyadh
and learned to sustain self above all else
and treasure all my visions and understand wealth
Understand that a man can't understand all
Understood that underhandedness was practically law
I butchered wrong perceptions since I handled thought
and suffered but convalescence healed the pain I wrought
Is man today influenced by external forces
or forced to respond to feelings from internal sources
It's safe to believe life is a spiritual fight
that man is driven by evil not the fear of his life
some conclude fear is the root of all pain
some can't escape the evil nature of man's brain
And all healthy thinkers are labeled as insane
Don't want you forming a picture without they mind frame.
just mate and take checks, now tell me this ain't the game.