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Topic subjecta little rap
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15522, a little rap
Posted by crow, Tue Mar-15-05 06:32 PM
I'm letting those flow loose
Killing mc's like they heads in a noose
I just smoked a bowl and damn im ripped
Last night was the bud light that I sipped
I don't sell drugs cuz i'm not that smart
But I smoke herb to expand my mind and heart
To experience differently
And to live my life indifferently
Stoned and analyzing every line of every rhyme
This fake mc's killing rap and it's a crime
No love for original hip hop
Just scared you alblums commercial so it don't flop
But come on keep the shit tight
Then you'll be alright
And we can give that sweet sensi a light
But right now I pass the mic to el loco
(insert name) so give us rhymes un poco