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Topic subjectWhateva happened.
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15521, Whateva happened.
Posted by SNAFU, Tue Mar-15-05 03:16 PM
"On every guest checklist
I smoke herbs for breakfast
And get more snatch than a diamond necklace"

Hahahahahaha - Niiiiiice.

(clears throat)

It's Snafu on the mic.
Raps rude, but you like
the way the beat makes you feel
like you just hit the pipe.
I talk blunt, but polite.
Smoke a blunt while I write.
And I'm not going to front, girl
I want you tonight.
You got that body too tight,
skin tone that's just right.
You're exactly my type,
I'd let you hit, scratch and bite.
Dark eyes, dark complexion.
They despise our connection.
But jealousy's a bitch,
they wish they had your affection.
They're jealous of the way
that I make your toes curl.
No one makes my head whirl
like this olive-skin girl.
So now I'm the motherfucker
that will take on the world
for this girl who holds my heart
like a clam holds a pearl.