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Topic subjectWhen I rhyme,
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15520, When I rhyme,
Posted by Whateva, Fri Mar-11-05 09:52 PM
in my voice, people hear authotiry
ya style second class like American minorities
Every word uttered is saturated wit gutter
sickening exhibition of a battlin mutha
So focusing on a moment when you might get over
could have you gone in moments when the night gets colder
When ya life is older
and easy outs an option
Face a empty clip loader
a basketcase poppin
A brown sheriff stoppin and collectin bribes
I'm never droppin to second less I ain't alive
unless I die right now, unless I don't exist
I'm a stay hip-hop like a faggot stay bitch
On every guest checklist
I smoke herbs for breakfast
And get more snatch than a diamond necklace
sicker than sickle cell anemia yall
turn red and leave like seasons after some a yall fall
If you call ya style raw, live fish is well done
This is bullshit, (insert name) get on the mic and get some.