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Topic subjectLet me get this mic
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15518, Let me get this mic
Posted by crow, Thu Mar-10-05 10:08 PM
Oh no the flow is getting hotter
This is a fake mc slaughter
I worked hard for everything I got
So if you don't think I'm hot
Meet my gun cuz you about to get shot
Really though, I'm a nice individual
With discrptive rhymes that give you a nice visual
When cats talk about me it's like I'm a religion
Like i'm some great person with a vision
I love the attention but man Let me live in peace
I get mobbed just walking down the streets
My flow is crazier then blow
and all the mcees now this is my show
From today till armaggedon
Theres a message I am sendin
Of peace and equality and freedom
These are values of life and we all need em
So lets stand tall and together
Through the good and bad weather
And we will fight opresssion
This isnt just a suggestion
This is truth and I always act real
So lets go(insert name) show em whats the deal