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Topic subjectmental release
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15517, mental release
Posted by blaksilence, Thu Mar-10-05 07:19 PM
660 seconds worth

i'm 'bustin' 'nuts' with the motion of fingers
slow 'poke'..hard to scope like the throat on christina
sold soap when coke joked and broke my demeanor
know 'folks' whose hope's soaked in the notes of a dreamer
focused on greener..pastures and passed past ure
ass backwards acts of actin like act-ors
i'm the last relaxed cat tappin the fast forward
to move fast as..that forward off of the back-'board'
that's four.. trillion..agrillion times
i made 'ill-men' in lyrical pavillions sigh
like " he kills them with triple fill-ings in every rhyme"
"that's why i re-read'em 6 billion 6 million and 16 times"