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Topic subjectNothing but tight
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15515, Nothing but tight
Posted by Whateva, Thu Mar-10-05 12:51 AM
like seal on zip-lock
A real threat like real storms I rip shop
blow up blocks and scenes and blow off steam
by barricading ya home and dismantle ya team
I approach the mic like it's a high class banger
I'm a rocket designer, a renaissance painter
If it's no shine, it's understood wit no anger
half of Bethlehem slept on the "bastard" in a manger
Earned my stripes, earned my position, I earn
I gain, make capital, increase and learn
A desirable nice writer with lyrics to burn
For a healthy dose of dollars
I make ya fans faint and holla
I'm through for now, I'm tired
definitely not wired
Next Apprentice get in the cipher before you get fired.