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15514, my style
Posted by crow, Wed Mar-09-05 11:01 PM
I can remember my first rap CD
It was triple platinum and reached for me
I knew I had been missing
Out on some real shit and I needed to listen
It was rough and tough and straight thug
I started smoking sensi but rap was more of a drug
Blunt after blunt but it was rap after rap
I needed to put my town on the map
So God came down and gave me my mic
And stuck the rhymes to these pussys like the tounge of a dyke
I gave my town poetry with a beat
Talked about the drugs on the street
Listened to kweli and lil jon going skeet skeet skeet
But here I am with a plan ready to deploy
A intricate plot to destroy
Anybody trying to tarnish this art
I ain't afraid to hurt a bitch with no heart
I can't claim to be great, or even good
But I got everything everybody should
A lil soul and a whole lot of intellect
I don't care if you like me just have respect
So I know these bitches aren't fucken with me
If you are get on your kneese and start suckin homie
Cuz your girl already did early this morning
And your realtshionship is dead so start mourning
I pass the mic to the right
to (inset mc) whose rhymes are nothing but tight