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Topic subjectHey yo, hey yo...
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15512, Hey yo, hey yo...
Posted by SNAFU, Wed Mar-09-05 01:58 PM
I am the eye inside the storm.
My mental stance is Fuck The Norm.
And my style can be described in four words: You Have Been Warned.
Just a kid from Maryland who's dope like heroin.
Open up your heart to this for me to strike some terror in.
There's mad crazy shit that's going on up in my brain.
I can't explain. You couldn't feel my inner pain.
And day to day to day it's getting harder to maintain.
I feel like Ice-T in Surviving the Game.
Always running from my problems, hiding from stress.
The only way I chill out is plant some trees in my chest
Then I remember I'm blessed. So if you wanna come test,
better bring a dictionary and a battle-proof vest.
Cus these thoughts that I be kickin' got soul like some fried chicken.
We all try to stay young, but time just keeps on tickin.
And the world is changing fast, so I just try to keep pace,
and try to keep my brain young, though I look old in the face.
I'll give you suckas a taste of how not to stagnate:
Cut through the bullshit and all the red and black tape.