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Topic subjectAfter the pills and mourning
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15511, After the pills and mourning
Posted by Whateva, Tue Mar-08-05 03:55 PM
you knew ya place.
Gurgling up gems wit immediate pace
Dats me, Unequivocal Super MC
a metaphysical metropolis seed
Yeah dats me
you ain't seeing
I'm a magical being
A bafflin bag of battlin
Cataclysmic cacklin
Dangerous Dose of Dabbling
in Everything Elaborant
Finding funny fuckas fighting me for
get's me going
Hell, he even helping me holding
my own dick
I'm so slick
I got my own schtick
I look at you and what you do could never match this
Say ya prayers Whateva here to rock da pulpit
You bullshit, ain't shit, this shit ain't you
you shouldn't flow you wouldn't know a thing or two
You either number one or a zero like CPUs.
that's binary you hear me not decimals
decks get hit often when I wreck dem flows
And this is what you have to say when the mic is yours: