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Topic subjectLyrical gold,
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15509, Lyrical gold,
Posted by Whateva, Mon Mar-07-05 04:21 PM
A OK or AU
You couldn't equate son if you was x minus two
my rhymes to yours
like planets to shores
ponds to bays
or strips to alleyways
Golden like Midas
Go then and try this
Goes and recites
his friends might like this
Til they hear my way
and look at you sideways
and sigh as I glance and make you shit in your pants
Upset sects from East Asia to South France
one up sets wit cocked backs in both hands
like pink vibrators get put in a trans
like dem untracables that got put in ya mans
my rhymes in da lime hold value over time
like gold mined from Africa
riots in Attica
an athlete genius's genes found in Gattaca.
Gimme Other Lyricists Dey Get Over Loaded Dunn
Got Overweight Lines Dat Drop Lead On Guns
Be sad if I'm serious cause for now it's fun
and only that just imagine if really loved rap
After that I'm through I'm a hand the mic back
After this is you do you really want that?