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Topic subjectgotta get these rhymes of my mind
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15508, gotta get these rhymes of my mind
Posted by crow, Mon Mar-07-05 11:34 AM
Oh shit, it's easy to see the rhymes are getting quicker
The lyrical quality and complexity is obviously getting slicker
If you tried to analyze my mind
It'd be like trying to find
Sanity in an asylum
I can be chill like valium
Or crazy like blow
Either way I'll rock it and rip up a show
It's crazy cold with this new england weather
Skys so vicious they lifting me up like a feather
I need the tropical climate
Where I can smoke a spliff, a good beach where I can rhyme it
I got all these ideas running through my head
They leaving me awake at night in my bed
So I need to stop before I explode
So heres (insert name) whose lyrics are lyrical gold