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Topic subjectTearing up the next verse
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15506, Tearing up the next verse
Posted by Whateva, Sun Mar-06-05 04:20 AM
Whateva happens first
time to seperate the baddest from the worst
I don't waste ticks on false buck bravado
I'm twisted, seven thirty, a loose throttle
A capitalist supreme, convertin blocks to fiends
You bursting at the seams wit amateur pipe dreams
Couldn't see me in ya dreams even if you tried
Couldn't be more hot if my tracks was deep fried
Ya plastic sucka, MTV watchin muthafucka
Catchin the underside of tims tonight sucka
Legend around the way like the stilt or Jesus
I'm sayin we didn't do it cause yall didn't see us
If you hype, get on the mic and recite ya thesis