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Topic subjectlet it flow
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15505, let it flow
Posted by crow, Sat Mar-05-05 08:07 PM
This isn't about the money
Or some dope honey
It isnt about respect
It's about real intellect
I'm a mic-spic
Getting by,by the tip of my dick
Another latino homez
Not riding on chromes
But me gusta mi dinero
So i'll make it from Boston, to the Rio de Ginero
Busca las mammictas que sea ricas
But i'm not to picky
Rhyme in english or espanol
Call your girl a whore
Straight to you face
Make you look like a disgrace
In front of this whole place
I'm always up for throwing down
and if u fuck around its going down
I'm through with this rhyme
So somebody rip a line from your mind