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15504, real world
Posted by blaksilence, Sat Mar-05-05 12:34 PM
reality strikes
truth hurts..you perps
fallacy write
my art ups the speed..i'ma start chargin you pups to read
an hourly price
5.99.. for a limited time it comes with powered advice:
"don't trust vets on the internet
just cuz they're stylish and nice"
"they're double jointed with pointed
knives..smile as they slice"
"and 99.9 percent of these 'pimps'
live a cowardly life"
"way wimped so they play 'strength'
in the 500,995 lies that they type"
divide that by 365 and find
out how many times they lied last night
he's a child in his mind
but 85 in the face
and she's a nine in her mind
but a 85 in the waist

like she's married w/ 2 kids but..