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Topic subjectYes yall, and it don't stop
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15503, Yes yall, and it don't stop
Posted by Whateva, Fri Mar-04-05 07:12 PM
til I finish it.
Like God gettin short wit sinners and endin shit
Look deeper in da lines it's the message not my penmanship
The fight not the promotion not the water but the ocean
Third eye devotion make us say fuck votin
Ya rhymes made you mills but they ain't worth quotin
Make sure ya house clean before you leave that door open
Cuz you lovin dem checks
Must be lovin the fame
but ain't you kind of a sucka for selling the crack game
But I guess I'll stay silent on some Jigga profilin
Just ya buhl whateva cleva takin stabs at freestylin
I could go on for a mile and but for now I will stay silent
and hand the mic to _______ before the cipher get violent