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Topic subjectand i'll begin...
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15501, and i'll begin...
Posted by SNAFU, Fri Mar-04-05 12:03 PM
So just sit back and I'll kick raps that'll break ya'll niggas like Kit-Kats,
and don't think that you won't get bitch slapped if you're lost, my crew is riff-raff.
We take beats and lyrics and we blend them into hot tracks.
You couldn't even take a shit if you were drinking Ex-Lax.
While we be making necks snap, you start writing me a fan letter
on how you love my shit and how you wish my band was still together.
"Dear Mr. Snafu, I'd really like to ask you
could I take you out for fast food? And get your name tattooed?"

hahahahaha... peace for now. Good weekend all!