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Topic subjecti got somethin
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15498, i got somethin
Posted by Lovebug, Fri Mar-11-05 09:56 AM
the world needs to experince peace
all this fighting shit needs to cease
so people can release
the hate within they heart
with all the fight were does one start
its just ripping us apart
and leaving a bitter taste in yo mouth
I dont care if you from the east west or the north or south
everybody knows what im talkin about
cuz wit without hope
we aint never going float
instead we choke
its hard to swallow yo pride
or not and leave yo ego petirfied
we all hide
behind shit we dont understand
so we claim to be the man
this is were i stand
without a clan
to carry out my plan
i let the rhymes do the talkin
while the world keeps on walking
but it want pass me by
without hearing what I
got to say
who's next to continue dis word play