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Topic subjectWow. I'm really feeling this shit right here...
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15497, Wow. I'm really feeling this shit right here...
Posted by SNAFU, Thu Mar-03-05 09:50 AM

So I got to step back in to make this shit quite clear.
We incite fear inside you haters, ya'll are so gay,
and I don't gotta worry 'bout my players cus we're okay.
The one and only crew that's rapping shit that ain't been said yet,
smoking kind buds that'll make your fucking head sweat.
You redneck, you got a wife and kids but you still bed wet.
Keep spreading lies and teaching hate, I promise that you'll get wrecked.
We're sick of all the run-around so my people take to underground
to create and develop sounds that break the fucking system down.
So come on and get your hands up like a hijack.
Represent your section like a slice of pie graph.
Just keep it gritty from DC to New York City
so the ones that we inspire want to be in our committee.
This life is do or die and we're stronger if we unify.
There is no other force at work that's looking out for you and I.
Let's multiply, and we can change the course we're currently set upon.
We'll bond together and make change like protesters in Lebanon.
We're hella strong, and I don't need no body else to think for me.
I put my pen on paper and I make what I want ink to be.
The subject and the predicate, I hardly ever edit it.
I'll start a war with metaphors and get lethal with my rhettoric.
Let's settle shit. This is a call to all my people.
Now __________ can kick a verse, and I'll be thinking up a sequel.