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Topic subjectDroppin shit on you...
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15494, Droppin shit on you...
Posted by Whateva, Wed Mar-02-05 04:38 PM
like pigeons under bridges
and shatter ya jaw so you know what a hit is
defelecting whack verses so you know who the first is
rhyming, rocking a show, and leaving egos bursted
you can catch me battling underneath scaffoldings
but leave from the block when you hear the glock rattlin
tellin em scat and send em fleeing to they cella
Newbie who throwing fits, you're old like ella
Second to none and reflectin the sun
The one shorties cling on set ya phasers to stun
Steady blazing for fun steady makin em run
steady checkin and perfectin I'm injectin a ton
I'm a monster on the mic rabbit on the turnpike
It's habit that I rap I excel at what I like.
I'm tight and never fail and compelled to write
handing this to who can ever hold the mic